4 essential steps when creating great logo designs for schools.

Blue Apple Education followers and acolytes (don’t laugh!) will have a good idea of what we mean when we talk about ‘Unearthing Your Remarkable’.

We look for your school’s USP, the special things that make you stand out for all the right reasons. But less well known is how we approach this task and what role you play in the process. Here, for devotees and newcomers together, is BAE’s secret-no-longer recipe for success.

Discovery Call.

We start by meeting with you. Usually, we appear via the wonders of technology – Google Meets (or Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime – we’re easy!) or we can cope with the old-fashioned telephone call – to spend time chatting through what your school stands for. We might cover the contents of display cabinets, newspaper reports, statistics or legend; we will definitely find out what’s distinctive or exceptional – Remarkable – because this is the cornerstone on which we build your brand. And that brand is what will help us make your prospectus or yearbook look great; your logo, photography or video stand out; your marketing and promotions have real impact.


Next we look at what we’ve unearthed. We create a summary document detailing the stand-out qualities we will use going forward. What is special about this school? What are the key qualities, values, history or facilities that we can use to design something unique?

Creative Beginnings.

You’ll know what creative types are like – we can verge on dramatic! But at this stage we put together a tight rationale and make decisions around final products based on strong links to that reasoning. We look for solutions that will offer lasting impact and make a real difference to your school or Trust – colours, style, image, stories, suggestion, attention, audience – we look at what it is you offer and align it with what you must achieve.


Our work is built on showing off your strengths to the world you target. Here, for a moment, we enjoy showing off ourselves. Because we are always pleased with what we present to you (yes, we may have binned several ideas and sweated over graphics that don’t do what we expected). When we reach this point, we are ready and we want to take you through the process as well as introduce the final result; from mission, through research and experiments, to ingenious triumph, we’ll share our process and thinking, because we want you to know how your Remarkable inspired us.

98% of the time we get it completely right the first time and when we don’t, it’s usually just a tweak or two that’s needed. We tweak quickly and responsively because it’s important you are completely happy with the results. That’s how we extend that list of BAE admirers, though sadly we can’t spare anyone to run the fan club.

We are here to support schools so if you have a question or just need some advice, arrange a completely free and no-obligation chat with one of our experts

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