Lean on me.

Here at Blue Apple Education we want schools and multi-academy trusts to receive the very best in school marketing and branding, in a way that boosts admissions and draws parents, students, staff and local people to their virtual and actual doors. What more could you need?

Well! Working with others – our Trusted Partners – means we can give you much more. We know that a new prospectus or school website, lovely though it is, is only one part of a complex web of activity working to unearth and promote the remarkable in your school.

Sales Director and part-time rock star* Mark Davis can do almost anything; Creative Director and expert gamer Dean Saunders gives his all to designing the best in-school marketing and branding tools. Managing Director David Limb, himself an aficionado of all things schooly, however, insists we are not an island, we get by, in fact, with a little help from our friends; and our friends are humans and companies that bring experience, dynamic understanding, an array of skills in related fields, banter and sometimes quite posh biscuits, to ensure each school we work with gets an unequalled package of support.

We are proud to work closely with those that can offer expertise in accessing school funding, change management, social media profiling, etc. and those that can add to what Blue Apple Education gives to school branding and marketing, in key areas for growth and success. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Each of our Trusted Partners has offered insights available right here and now for schools and trusts to explore, and we will expand and increase these collaborations as we progress alongside you. Thank you for being a friend.

*Spot the friendship song references hidden here.

Trusted Partners.

A Fabulous Offer from our Friends at Premier Advisory Group

A Fabulous Offer from our Friends at Premier Advisory Group

The Kickstart Scheme offers great opportunities all round! It’s good for Premier Advisory Group, good for Blue Apple Education, good for schools exploring how to build their profile and increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities, and fantastically good for young people facing an uncertain employment future.